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Helping You Complete Your Property Development Projects

FirstStar Development offers fully integrated real-estate services “vision to completion”. Sculptured from over 20 years of hands on experience working with Investors, Planners and Engineers provide fertile ground for success on your project. Knowledge and Experience create good decisions at the start of the project where the impact is the greatest. “Production plus Quality equal Profits.”

Stephen R. Cissel Professional Bio

Through a career as a top executive at major real estate companies, Stephen R. Cissel has gained a regional and statewide reputation for his work in land development and production management in large-scale residential and commercial real estate projects. Prior to starting FirstStar Development, a Development Management Company and Real Estate Brokerage Company, he founded TDG Construction, State Certified General Contractors that handled the development management for the Development Group in Jacksonville, Florida a developer of “High End” multi-family projects.  He as a driving force in the first ten years of The Development Groups start-up in the multi-family/commercial developments, handling site evaluations to complete turn-key packaging of the due diligent process from Acquisition and Development Loan to the Investor Sale of the completed project.
Cissel is known for his diligence and tenacity.  His understanding of income properties and land development give empowerment to feasibility for development.  His history of product sales brings to any development team a realm of experiences.  Recognized as a tough negotiator for production contracts that brings value to the proforma from the first day on the job.  Cissel’s contract administration process clarifies and insures containment of liability along with expert in conflict resolution to get the job done without incident.   Utilizing a talent for engineering and architectural details coupled with production and long term maintenance goals in focus, has made Cissel a team player in the development process.   “Production plus Quality equals Profits.”